Food/bev.: Nordfjord Kjott, Norway


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Project Name:
Nordfjord Kjott R.A.

Stryn, Norway

Type of Plant:
Industrial - Meat Processing/Slaughterhouse

Technology Used:
Biowater CMFF® Biofilm system

Biomedia Used:
Biowater BWT-X®

Operational Since:
Summer 2011


The Challenge

Located deep in the mountains of Stryn, the original plant consisted of an inlet pump station & Salsnes filter for pretreatment, fat removal and a Salsnes filter for post treatment. The plant also had 8 concrete tanks which were not in use. The municipality was faced with equivalent loading rates of 10,000 PE and the existing system was rated for 5,000 PE so it was either install pretreatment at Nordfjord Kjott to drop the load to 5,000 PE or upgrade the municipal WWTP.


The Design

The Biowater CMFF® biological process was chosen. The new equipment/the upgrade involved installation of a primary Salsnes filter ahead of Equalization and FOG removal (Clarification/Skimming). Effluent from the Primary Clarification flows to two (2) CMFF® trains, each having two (2) stage aerobic reactors for oxidation of BOD and COD. Effluent from our CMFF® reactors flows to a secondary Salsnes filter for liquid-solids separation. The secondary Salsnes filter has been upgraded from 350 microns to 110 microns mesh size to provide tighter filtration. The results given below are from the 350 micron Salsnes filter. We expect the total COD concentrations will be much closer to filtered COD concentrations once the mesh is replaced. The system will effectively reduce COD concentrations of approximately 5,000 mg/L to final effluent approximately 500 mg/L.



The Biowater system effectively reduces COD concentrations of approximately 5,000 mg/L to a final effluent of approximately 500 mg/L. The system is low maintenance and continues to run perfectly.

The BioWater CMFF® biological process - a concept where moving plastic carriers with fixed biofilm remove organic and inorganic substances in the water.