Food/beverages: Palmyra - Wisconsin, USA


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Project Name:
Standard Process WWTP

Palmyra, Wisconsin

Type of Plant:
Industrial - Food Processing

Environmental Health and Safety Products (EHS)

Technology Used:
Biowater CFAS® (IFAS)

Biomedia Used:

Operational Since:


The Challenge

The Standard Process company is a vitamin and food supplement manufacturer in business since 1929 located in an environmentally sensistive area called the Kettle Moraine basin. The basin is an area containing rare species with diverse habitats. The Standard Process company realizes this and has helped preserve this area with their organic farming techniques, waste reduction methods and now with their wastewater treatment system.

In 2006 Standard Process produced over 8.5 million bottles of product. The wastewater characteristics consist of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Fluctuations in products and seasonal changes in source materials change the percentages of these characteristics animal/vegetable sources: Spring/Fall - 50/50%, Winter - 80/20% and Summer -20/80%. These changes definitely presented a challenge when designing a treatment system for this location.

The Design

Many factors affected the design. As mentioned, load fluctuations as well as the cold weather were considered in the design. Environmental Health and Safety Products (EHS), who supplied the technology package looked at different technologies and in the end the IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) process was chosen because of it’s small footprint and reliability.


By choosing the IFAS process with the BWT-X® media Standard Process removed 90% of their COD in 10% of the basin volume!

The Biowater CFAS® (IFAS) process utilizes the benefits of a traditional activated sludge process combined with a biological fixed-film system to create a highly efficient wastewater treatment plant in a much smaller footprint.