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“Biowater Technology AS is a recommended supplier. They are positive, respond immediately and are attentive to the project requirements”
Peter Haaland, Project manager GE Healthcare.


Project Name:

GE Healthcare Lindesnes

Lindesnes, Norway

Type of Plant:
Industrial – New plant

Technology Used:
HyVAB® principal with EGSB + Biowater CFIC®

Biomedia Used:
Biowater BWT-X®

2018 Pilot, 2019 Full scale


Scope: Provide a complete new wastewater treatment plant for GE Healthcare AS Lindesnes factory, the largest global site for manufacturing of X‐ray contrast media.

Piloting: A fully containerised pilot solution was designed and constructed by Biowater to understand the degradability of
the GE wastewater streams both individually and combined, and to identify an optimal biological treatment process. The
pilot comprised separated anaerobic and aerobic reactors, PLC based control systems with HMI capable of remote monitoring
and control. Several process sensitivities including low temperatures, low pH and high salinity were overcome
through adjustment of the operational parameters. Once stabilised the pilot demonstrated the required performance
was achievable. The equipment remains retained by GE to qualify future wastewater streams for biological treatment.

Engineering: Following the success of the pilot a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study programme was developed.
The feed study aims to derisk the full‐scale contract through formal design detailing and construction planning and will be
completed in Q4 2018. Financial opportunities including Enova are being reviewed.

Full‐scale: The project requires a processing capacity of up to 1200 kg/h COD with turnkey biological treatment package by
Biowater, construction completion and start up in Q4 2019.

Project Goals

  • Delivery of an optimised biological treatment solution.
  • Achieve ≤100 mg/l TOC in final effluent in accordance with IED and Norwegian Environmental regulations.
  • Maximise biogas yield in anaerobic stage.

The wastewater

  • Organic solvents (alcohols and acids)
  • Salt (NaCl) up to 2 %
  • High TCOD, >20 g/l
  • Full scale capacity >10 m3/h.


  • High salinity wastewater streams
  • High feed COD and low effluent COD requirements



A system comprising an Expanded Granular Sludge Bed (EGSB anaerobic) + Biowater Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning (CFIC® aerobic, Biowater’s latest innovation on MBBR technology) (Fig. 1).
The system contains anaerobic and aerobic reactors in series designed to function identically to Biowater HyVAB® technology in performance, due to physical size and the ability to vary parameters in each stage. This provides the required flexibility for any variances in wastewater streams and potential capacity expansions.


Results (pilot)

  • Stabilised performance of over 98% TCOD removal.
  • Final particle removal expected to improve system to over 99% removal.
  • HRT < 10 days.
  • Biogas production with a composition of 65% CH4.

Project Status

  • Pilot ‐ Different operational parameters are being tested for achieving higher removal efficiency at higher salinity loads.
  • Final particle removal under investigation.
  • FEED will run from August to October 2018.
  • Full scale project shall be Operative Q4 2019.



As an ultra-high rate technology, HyVAB® offers a footprint significantly smaller than conventional treatment. This is due to an innovative tower arrangement which minimizes sludge production offering considerable saving potential to the end user.