Leachate: Hampton, USA


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Project Name:
Waste Management – Bethel Landfill

Hampton, VA USA

Type of Plant:

Technology Used:
Biowater CFIC® Process

Biomedia Used:
Biowater BWT-X®

Operational Since:
February 2014



The Challenge

Waste Management owns and operates a municipal landfill which contains leachate contaminated with organic solvents. Discharge permit for the site requires methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) concentration less than 0.75mg/L.


The Design

Biowater’s biofilm CFIC® Process has been implemented for the biological degradation of organics. The Biofilm reactor may be operated in two modes: 1. Complete Mix Fixed Film (CMFF®) and 2. Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning (CFIC®). Currently, the discharge does not have to meet a suspended solids limitation. In the event that solids must be clarified, the Biofilm reactor will be operated as a CFIC® process, as it provides treatment and solids capture within the biofilm reactor.

Parameter Azverage day conditions
Design Flow (Process) <=10,000 gallons per day
BOD5 <=500mg/L
MEK <=5mg/L
Site elevation 100 ft. AMSL, presumed
WW temperature 0-30˚C



Biowater’s biofilm process was successfully started up in mid-February 2014. Performance testing was a success, and the system meets the effluent design criteria. Actual effluent MEK concentration is below the detection level of 0.2mg/L.

Parameter Limit/target Actual
MEK <0.75 mg/L <0.20 mg/L
Acetone n/a 1.00 mg/L
COD n/a 1,200 mg/L
BOD n/a 60 mg/L

Biowater's CFIC® Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning system is the next generation of biofilm technology.  The CFIC® has all of the benefits of biofilm process using moving carriers and much more!