Petroleum: Bamble, Norway


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Bamble in Telemark County, Norway

Type of Plant:

Technology Used:
CFIC® Process

Biomedia Used:
Biowater BWT-S®

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NSO Renderbilde


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CFIC® - The Next Generation in Biofilm Technology

The CFIC®, Continous Flow Intermittent Cleaning, is the next generation of biofilm technology. It is developed in Norway, in close cooperation with research institutions.
The CFIC® process is designed to increase treatment capacity while reducing footprint and overall energy costs.


NSO - a company within the Norwegian system for hazardous waste

Norsk Spesialolje AS (Norwegian Special Petroleum) operates in Kambo near Moss, where they run the reception of oily waste. Here they receive about 70% of all collected waste oil in Norway.

Because of the increasing amount of oily waste, the company has invested in a new and modern facility in Bamble Municipality.

Biowater Technology wants to thank NSO for the confidence by choosing our CFIC® technology to clean the wastewater at the new facility!


Biological Process Design Load

Parameter    Average conditions pr hour
Design Flow (Process) 5,6 m3/h
Maximum Flow 8.0 m3/h
Total COD 15000 mg/l
Total SS 100 mg/l
Design temperature 20˚C
Maximum temperature 30˚C


Treatment Criteria

Parameter    Criteria
TOC    1000 mg/l
SS    200 mg/l

Biowater's CFIC® Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning system is the next generation of biofilm technology.  The CFIC® has all of the benefits of biofilm process using moving carriers and much more!