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Biowater’s unique biofilm carriers are designed for top performance biological treatment of wastewater. Microorganisms in the biofilm that attach on the surface of the carriers take up pollutants as food for growth.

The carriers has been applied and tested with great success in various industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants all over the world.

Biowater have optimized it’s carriers for use in MBBR and CFIC processes with a biofilm process that provides high biofilm surface area and prevent biomass/particle clogging.


  • Carriers with turbo performance – Biowater biofilm carriers have improved flow of substrates (nutrients) and gases through the cells of the carrier element.  
  • Very high oxygen transfer -  for the CFIC process the improved flow of water and gases through the cells of the carrier element result in that the Biofilm carrier has very high oxygen transfer, as well as high removal rates for organic matter.
  • Carriers with optimized design - the ratio between the open area of each cell in the biofilm carrier and the height of the biofilm carrier is of great importance.  
  • Carriers designed for less energy consumptions -  for a biofilm carrier to deliver optimum performance with respect to volumetric removal rates as well as oxygen transfer (better oxygen transfer means less energy consumption for aeration) the ratio between the open area of each cell and the biofilm carrier height has to be within certain limits.
  • Innovative design - the shape and dimensions of Biowater’s carriers are the result of testing of a lot of innovative biofilm carriers with different designs, shapes and sizes, and directly comparing them to the state of the art carriers.    
  • Carriers for universe use - the carriers from Biowater can be used for the elimination of COD and BOD as well as for nitrification and denitrification.
  • Increasing the capacity of existing activated sludge - Biowater’s  biofilm carrier can be efficiently used for significantly increasing the capacity of existing activated sludge sewage treatment plants without any need for structural changes.

BWT 15
Dimensions:     14,5 x 14,5 x 5 mm
Protected surface:    828 m²/m³

Dimensions:     14,5 x 14,5 x 8,2 mm
Protected surface:    650 m²/m³
Dimensions:     14,5 x 18,5 x 7,3 mm
Protected surface:    650 m²/m³
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