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Biowater wins wastewater contract

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

Halden municipality in south of Norway will expand and upgrade its largest wastewater treatment plant, Remmen RA, so that effluent meets the highest environmental standards. The renovated plant will have a capacity of 42000 p.e. Biowater will deliver the core treatment processes, which include the biological treatment and subsequent clarification unit(s).

The biological treatment unit(s) will be Biowater’s complete mix fixed film (CMFF®) system, and the solids clarification unit(s) will be dissolved air flotation (DAF).

The Biowater CMFF® process is based on the MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) concept, in which Biowater’s plastic biofilm carriers are suspended and retained within treatment basins, providing a degree of surfaces on which biofilm (bacteria) populate. The active biofilm (bacteria) removes organic and inorganic substances in the water, while decayed bacteria slough and discharge from the CMFF® reactor with treated liquid. The downstream DAF will clarify biological solids sloughed from the CMFF® process prior to discharge.

Halden Municipality says "This is a good project for our city and we are looking forward to get the project going. Halden is a coastal city with a pictoresque harbour. The new plant will contribute to a clean fjord", states project leader Egil Hult of Halden Municipality.

The wastewater treatment plant upgrade is a part of a larger investment scheme of 550 mill NOK in water and wastewater of Halden Municipality. In connection with upgrading Remmen there are plans for biogas production from sludge.  The existing wastewater treatment plant dates back to 1978, and the process was originally based on mechanical and chemical treatment, with a capacity of 29000 p.e. 

For the new Biowater process supply, planned to operate from 2016, the environmental rules demand a reduction of 75% in chemical oxygen demane(KOF) and a reduction of phosphorous of 90%. The process is designed for an average flow capacity of 930 cubic meters per hour with a peak hydraulic capacity of approximately 50% above the average.

"The Biowater solution is very compact. It enables us to fit the reactor and the flotation inside existing buildings. In addition we will build a new plant for sludge treatment, where the compressors supplying air to the bioreactor also will be located", says Mr. Hult.

The core process solution from Biowater has been succesfully incorporated in several public and industrial plants, both in Norway and the US.  "For Biowater this is a very important project where we see that our technology is highly competitive. We look forward to execute the project in cooperation with Halden Municipality and Cowi Aquateam", states Mr. Terje Andersen, CEO of Biowater.